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From Little Things Big Things Grow

Paul Kelly & Kev Carmody

"'From Little Things Big Things Grow' is an old saying with a new life. What happened was that two men, one white, one black, wrote a song which used thaqt line as its chorus in a sing-song sort of way so that hearing it puts you in a certain rhythm, the sort of rhythm you need to ride life's big bumps, the sort that can otherwise put you down for good. And the song tells a story. It's not true to say no-one knew the story before the song but not many did and it certainly wasn't taught in schools. It's the story of a strike on Wave Hill cattle station in the Northern Territory in 1966 when Gurindji stockmen, who were working for little more than rations, sat down for better pay and conditions from their British employer, Vestey's... What started as a dispute over pay became a story of the land." - Foreward by Martin Flanagan

Featuring the inspirational words from Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody, the riveting paintings of Peter Hudson and the sweet, wild artwork of Gurindji schoolchildren from Kalkaringi, NT, this book will light up rooms and hearts all over Australia. All profits will be donated to arts the Gurindji community, in tribute to one of the greatest moments of courage and commitment in Australia's history.

From Little Things Big Things Grow
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